Beauty Blog – Getting Ready for your big day!

Beauty Blog – Getting Ready for your big day!

A lot of preparation goes in to planning your perfect day. In this blog our beauty therapist expert Sarah Rogerson will talk you through how to achieve super skin so you look radiant on your wedding day.

“During all your wedding planning things can get a little hectic so it’s really important you don’t get stressed and realise you need to take a little time out on a regular basis to get yourself looking your very best for your big day.

Starting with your face, get into a regular morning and evening routine to cleanse your face, with either a cleanser and toner or facial wash, which ever you prefer. Once a week use a very gentle exfoliator all over your face and neck, make sure you choose an exfoliator with no grain, so it doesn’t scratch your face.

Your face is then ready for any serums, eye cream and moisturiser you may wish to apply.

For your body rather than using specific exfoliating products, I would use Micro Exfoliating Mitts.

These can then be used with your favourite shower gels. You’re getting the same great result whilst also being kind to the environment!

If you are sensitive or extremely dry, wet the body first, if not use the mitts in large circular movements from the feet up all around the body, giving a little more attention to elbows and knees, so that they are also feeling their best.

Rinse off and pat dry your skin.  This can be done daily to get your skin looking its very best.

Now is the perfect time for a firming and moisturising body lotion.

If your face and body are looking their very best you are going to feel like a million dollars on your special day!!

Thus, making your make up application effortless and giving you radiant glowing skin from head to toe!!

Don’t forget to continue to exfoliate and hydrate your body during your honeymoon this will also ensure your tan lasts longer when you get home. Well, you have to show off your tan!

Have a fabulous wedding day!”

Sarah Rogerson



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